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  • NEW for 2014-2015...Quiz questions will automatically "Clean Start," so to ensure all questions are used before repeating.


" My BOB team was comprised of 9 boys and 3 girls with the strongest core being 6 boys.  The core group would often come to the library before school started to quiz each other on BattleQuestions.  Just like they are on the court or field, they were very competitive with each other and celebrated with the traditional 'high 5s' when they got a steal from the other group!  After we won the regional, they continued to study BattleQuestions on their own time and we practiced everyday in the media center with mock competitions.  We were very pleased with the questions from your website.  When we heard your questions in the competitions, more than one team member would look at me and say, "We had this question!!"  It meant so much to them to know how well they were prepared!  We look forward to the next set of questions for 2014-15 BOB list."       - Laura, Duplin County Media Specialist, April 2014

“Your organization has been invaluable to me as a veteran Battle of the Books coach. My initial experience was at Honeycutt Elementary and I have coached at John Griffin Middle School in Fayetteville for thirteen years. I am proud to say that our teams have reached the state competition three times in the last nine years.”  - Melissa, Cumberland County Media Specialist, April 2014

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